the one where God still speaks

Do you believe God still speaks? That his voice is clear?
Surely we believe God is real. He is not just something we make up to make ourselves feel good. Nor is our faith simply a system of rules & principles.
Yet, we kinda live like that.
We seem to give more credit to the enemy than to God. If we hear a voice or direction, we question if that is from God- maybe it is satan. How do you know God is speaking to you?
We have the Bible. He doesn’t speak.

Do you believe God is mystical?
Of course we all believe He is supernatural. but mystical? that sounds like an eastern religion.

We laugh when on the simpsons Marge is praying to God and they call her crazy. But what if someone said they heard from God?

i think we don’t like this idea because we don’t hear from God. And if i don’t then no one else can either.
Or maybe it’s because people say they heard from God and it’s a complete croc.

but can God still speak? does He?

i hear people say it’d be easy to have faith if God spoke to us now like He did to Moses or Abraham or Joshua or David. Would it?
If He spoke to us- we’d still need faith we heard him right or that it really was Him.

i believe God still speaks.
i am wary.
And i have doubts about it.
i don’t like to rely on those things.
but i believe He leads me and directs me and He speaks to me.

He speaks to me as i read His Word. He also speaks to me while i am praying – and i don’t mean the words i’m praying, i mean i hear Him prompting me.

Once – yea twice- it was to share with someone.

Two weeks ago i heard Him saying “fast & pray”

i was praying -close to dinner time- about situation here involving a friend who had gotten into sin and gotten into some dangerous trouble. i didn’t know what to do. i felt completely helpless. And i felt a urgency. And as i was praying i heard “fast & pray”
“What?” was my response.
And then i battled. No. no this isn’t God, i’m telling myself that. i can’t do that. i don’t want to do that.
and i battled God. but it’s american food night. Next week we’re going to get American food… wait, my birthday s this weekend. i can’t fast now. i can’t, no. It is way too inconvenient. Besides this isn’t You- is it? Do you really want me to fast? Really?
Eventually, i gave in. i surrendered to God. Because ultimately i knew food would not satisfy me. And i’d rather obey God than eat food. no matter what.
by the end of the night i felt like i was freed to eat. Maybe i ended a bit early, but… things with that girl have worked out.

That’s not all though. while i was fighting with God about fasting, i also heard very clearly Isaiah 43. i didn’t look at it though until i finally decided to fast thru dinner and towards the end of the prayer. Then i read it- it was wonderful!
Do not fear He told me. Certainly i was afraid for this girl’s life, and for how her sin may affect others.
i will…gather… my people – well something like that – He would protect her.
You are precious – i felt like that was for me.
The whole chapter really.
God spoke to me.
He didn’t have to.
In fact, i didn’t really want to listen.
He spoke.

Does He always communicate this way? No
Can i explain how i know it was Him? not really.
Was it audible? well- in my heart & mind it was clear, but no one else heard it.

why do i share this? i don’t know. i started reading the book “Walking with God” this week – and Eldredge talks about this too. but i don’t know if i really like the book. i don’t know if we train ourselves to hear from God.

but i think this tells me of the kindness of God. It shows me the realness of God. It shows me God leads his people and cares for His people. And He is initmate. This is not something made up. God is real and active and powerful.


2 thoughts on “the one where God still speaks

  1. To answer your question, yes, I believe He does still speak to us through His word, the Bible. The more time you immerse yourself in His word, the easier you will be able to hear Him. All we need to do is call out to Him and He will let us know He is there, and loves us all.

  2. Interestingly, I just watched “Conversations With God” last night…a movie based on the books by Neale Donald Walsch. And he essentially is claiming to have conversations with God (which he hears in his own voice) that just come to him…it is all VERY New Age. It was not a well done movie, but the story is intriguing since Walsch even questions himself whether this could really be God…but then can’t explain many of the things that come to him in any other way. He turns these conversations into books and, what do you know, makes millions. It’s all crap, of course.
    It still raises the interesting question of why we should believe someone hearing from God…and sadly many non-Christians would give the same kind of answers that we would give (coincidences, things that are unexplainable, “feeling it”…). Thankfully we have so much evidence of the Bible as true…what other standard could we find?Good thoughts, Mook. I appreciate you living it out and wrestling with this…

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