the middle finger

We like to flip each other off.
If someone saw us they may think us a dysfunctional group.
We look at ourselves and we think we’re healthy, a lot of fun, very encouraging and genuine.
An outsider may see us and think we don’t like each other, and quite dysfunctional. They have no idea.

It started when one guy had a picture on his desk of his girlfriend giving him the finger… then later another girl said i know it’s supposed to be bad, but it seems like it should be encouraging.

So, now, we give each other the finger.

And we feel loved. It’s like an extension of the i hate you.

People here do it all the time, though it means nothing. i guess it has a meaning though, and so sometimes it could be kinda weird. but we have changed the meaning or at least the intention.
We said when we’re in a group of new people who don’t know us we should flip each other off – it may startle some, ok many.

On friends, they came up with another way of doing it. And that of course was socially acceptable. Because it wasn’t the middle finger, it was a different action with the same meaning.
And i’ve known others who will give you the ring finger – haha fooled you. You thought i was giving you the finger, but look -i’m clean it’s my ring finger.

The first time i heard about the middle finger, i was a kid in the car and my parents were listening to christian radio – and the speaker was talking about the first time he gave someone the finger. i had no idea what that meant and so i asked my parents – they had no idea either.

Of course, some people will say this is wrong. Some will find this offensive. Is it? Is my middle finger itself a vile thing.
Granted, i’m not going to give someone the finger if their only interpretation is something bad.
Here people use their middle finger to point. In America if the middle finger comes out for anything – say a scratch – it’s intentional.

So, are we strange? are we evil? Have we been corrupted by the world and calice to this finger? Are we living in freedom? Are we ok? Are we changing things? Are we inspirational?

Quite frankly, one of the best magic tricks i ever saw was when a friend put a napkin over his fist, and when he lifted up a bird appeared!


5 thoughts on “the middle finger

  1. I love the finger!I have a friend here in Belize from GB, and there their “middle finger” is the index and middle finger like a peace sign, only the opposite direction. I make sure every time at church chen people give the sign of peace I flip him off from across the sanctuary. He loves it! Others are offended–if I ever see you somewhere I will greet you with the bird, count on it.

  2. i once broke my middle finger and messed up one of the tendons in it and had to wear a big plastic brace thing on it for several weeks. and so i had this big brace on my middle finger which i couldn’t ever bend and so it just stuck straight out all the time. the best was when i’d be driving down the road and all my other fingers are wrapped around the steering wheel, my middle finger would just be sticking out and having a grand old time flipping all the other drivers off! i got a couple weird stares- but no birdies sent back my way!

  3. giving the finger is implying something that is socially agreed upon. if the social group you’re currently in doesn’t think it’s offensive then i say go ahead and flip the bird. swearing is the same way. if your friends don’t find it offensive then who’s to say what’s taboo and what’s fine…

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