the one with murder

i’m Joe Nebraska. Last night i found out my wife Natalie cheated on me while we were dating – and she faked a pregnancy and miscarriage so i would marry her.
We were happily married – until our 20 year reunion. i didn’t really want to go – but she wanted to see friends from highschool (no one else from the football team was there by the way) -most of all that jerk Steve Spielson.

Spielson was murdered last night. It wasn’t me – though my wife accused me of the murder. i didn’t find out he had cheated with my wife until after he was dead. i wish someone could have resucitated him so i could kill him now!

Thru some clues and inside-information, it became quite clear that Molly Ringworm was the murderer- though that Nick Nixon was a slimeball and that moneybags math guy should have gone away too.

We continued our dysfunction by acting like someone else and murdering someone off… It was a lot of fun, but kinda weird. After not seeing most people all day, we showed up to dinner in character. We were altogether for our 20 year reunion.
It was kinda weird to be married to a married women, being hit on by another girl, knowing another girl was in a playboy, and to be giving an evil glare to another person all night long. Not to mention that my anger came out against 3-4 more people throughout the night.

It was fun, hard to keep a straight face most of the time, and hard to remember things about my character.
Everyone did a great job though.


2 thoughts on “the one with murder

  1. AUGHHHHHH!!! NO WAYYYYYYY!!! We JUST did that murder mystery at my house 3 weeks ago nearly exactly. Me = Cindy Crawfish. Apparently everyone around here thinks I am a natural flirt. That is SO weird. A lot of time zones and countries and staff life still seems to somehow mirror other peoples lives. In weird creepy ways. 😛

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