the one where someone gets eaten

This is one of my favorite group questions: If we were stranded and had to eat one of us- who would we choose?

i find it a bit ridiculous… but it does get deep.

i usually tell people they wouldn’t want to eat me because i’m dark meat. To which someone may respond “mm i like dark meat” Or my favorite “i love Indian food”

It is interesting how people answer- but i guess it could bring our insecurities about a person’s physical condition and could be like a lifeboat question. How do we decide who is most valuable?

But then people also say stuff like “I wouldn’t eat anyone” or “I’d give up my life – people can eat me so they can live.”

It goes to other questions like – obviously we don’t need to eat the whole person – so what part of the body would you give up first?

It escelated to what seasoning would you want to use if you had any at your disposal?
One thought is something you really like – like BBQ sauce. but then i said after you got rescued every time you ate bbq you would be reminded of the time you ate Mark.
Then an other friend said it could be an homage- and as you ate BBq you would be reminded how Doug gave up his life for you…

Some people said they would just wait to be saved – and i commented it’s not like we want to eat each other – i’m saying life or death – and then Sarah commented, i don’t know after a couple hours i might get hungry and want to start eating someone…

It leads to some interesting questions like
1. Would you eat someone to stay alive?
    b. would eating someone to stay alive be not valuing life, selfish and lack of faith in God to provide?
2. If you sacrificed your life or part of their body to eat and people didn’t accept it would you be insulted?
    b. Would not eating be an indication of not receiveing grace?
3. What do your thought process reveal to you about yourself?


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