the one where i date everyone

Our team might be dysfunctional…

It was suggested by one of the girls that i date each of the girls on the team for one month. i think it’s a pretty good idea. i mean, i’m single, they’re single… and it’s not like we’re gonna be dating anyone else…

1 month relationships with a week off for me to recover.

Sarah already chose march… and i can’t date Jeanne until she turns 23…
Heather is coming back in April to get her month of dating… i suppose if others catch wind this could be a good recruiting strategy.
Come to Asia, date mookie

It;s similar to my staff recruitment
Join staff, have fun

The idea is everyone wants to date me and so if i wanted to date one it would make everyone else upset… at least that’s how i interpreted it.

It actually probably more has to do with the fact that people miss reality tv shows and want to see who i’d choose at the end.

In reality, we were given a 10-20 challenge 10 one on ones in 20 days – i cheated and met with the Schu-ies together – they’re one right? So, i still have 2 more dates left…

It’s all fun & games now, but it will probably be awkward once that missletoe comes out…


One thought on “the one where i date everyone

  1. So THIS is why you changed from STINT to ICS is it? Dating priveleges? Don’t the STINTers still have rules? No dating anyone they can possibly meet this year except at midyear?
    Grin.. the Mookie show. Will they broadcast it in the UK do you think?

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