the one with hypothetical situations

i love discussing hypothetical situations. i think it’s the best conversation.
Questions like “Would you rather…”
Or “If you could…. any…”
or “If you were…”

i think they are fun questions, but also tell about your personal
values and priorities – and does a better job of telling what you value
than just asking what you value – because in those instances we lie,
but when we don’t realize we’re exposing our values we speak

some of my favorites

1. If you could date any fictional character – who would you choose?
2. If you were up to your neck in diarrhea and someone was about to
puke on you would you rather go under to avoid the vomit or take it in
the face? (thanks Mark Fertig)
3. If you could have a tail, what kind of tail would you want?
4. If you could have an extra eyeball anywhere on your body, where would you want it?
5. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
6. Would you rather be rejected because of a character quality or b/c the other person found you unnatractive?
7. If you could have a meal with any 3 people dead or alive who would
you pick? (…only dead people, only live people, only Biblical people)
8. If you were in  nazi labor camp being forcefed poptarts, but only
could have one type of poptart the rest of your life- what would you
choose? (Thanks Billy)
9. If you could go anywhere right now for one day- where would you go?
10. Describe your perfect day- you can choose whatever you want (thanks turkey 01 stint team).


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