my right not to vote

could be record turn-out for voting today – but it won’t include mine. Well it kind of does… because i have no vote.

My vote would not be an intelligent one. i don’t really know what is going on or what all the issues are. So why should i have to vote?

i care about the education system, and wish there was more done to help the poor and homeless… but it doesn’t seem like any method really works that well anyway.

People make a big deal about voting, but…
1. i think the bigger thing is respecting those in charge and praying for them. Many Christians say we need to vote, but if their person isn;t elected they complain and mock the president. That is not what we’re called to do.
2. We as the church need to work to bring change, not simply by voting, but by acting. We need to go out and help the poor, we need to help educate, we need to comfort those who are thinking about abortion. …
3. this world is not my home, and i am under rule of another King, that is what i am most concerned about…

i guess we’ll see what happens…


5 thoughts on “my right not to vote

  1. I applaud you. I am pretty tired of everyone saying we need to vote–just vote, just do it, and not telling people to actually think about what they’re doing. When most Americans cannot identify Sarah Palin or Joe Biden in a lineup, that tells me they’re not really paying attention and wouldn’t have a clue as to fixing the country.

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