my dog

Well, i did it, i bought a puppy!
i’m not quite sure what kind of dog it is, but it is cute… and lively! There are pictures posted- maybe you can tell me what it is.
i thought they said beagle… but i think it might be a mini-pincher now… or a terrier mix… or maybe a mix of all 3… i sure hope it doesn’t become a big dog… because it has gotten quite used to sitting in my lap, like it is right now as i write…

My xanga explains the process of why i decided to get a dog… though picking this one out, was kinda of a spur of the moment decision… i can’t believe i actually did it!

And i sometimes wonder if it was the right decision…
but i do love the dog

And having a dig is teaching me a lot… like how little i love… and how conditional my love is…

i may create a facebook page for it eventually: Activities:peeing & pooping on the floor…. sleeping in people’s laps…chewing onthings i’m not supposed to…being cute…

but first i need a name… can you help i’m too phlegmatic…

1. Midnight – this is the current name kinda… it’s dark… and i love midnight or later… it makes sense

2. glory – i just think it’s a cool name/word. But bot gloria, that sounds old… i thought about the offical name being midnight glory

3. 12 – she’s the 12th person on our gang… and 12 is my favorite number… but it;s not so much fun to say

4. Pepper 2 – my first dog was named pepper, so i’ve been calling this one pepper also… this also fits the simpsons theme of snowball IV etc

5. Xiao (pronounced Sh- ow(rhymes with wow) Hei (Hay) – means little black. And some of the locals call her that apprently… they also call me the Hei ren… i also call out hey often to her

6. Rowdy – like from scrubs, and she is really rowdy

Sarah and Doug wanted to call it Xiao Pigu (little butt)
or maybe just calling it puppy or dog could work… i dunno…
Gracie was an option, but i think i might want to name my actual daughter that if i ever have a lil girl…


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