the one with a urinal

Girls and guys have different ambitions.

This year we were talking about how it takes a guy 15 minutes to settle in a new place and it takes a girl 15 days(well i just made that up, but same same).

And Julie said this is why we give a guy his own room in the house – to which i replied and the girl takes over the rest of the house.

My college roommate built his own house. It was huge. As he was giving me the tour he told me he had thought about putting a urinal in the master bedroom, but was shot down by the mrs.

Could you imagine? A urinal – in your home! That would be so awesome!

This year as i was looking for a new apartment, one i saw wasn’t done yet. As i considered getting it, i told Ben “If i take this place- i’ll have them put in a urinal in one of the bathrooms.”
We saw them earlier in the week, they are pretty cheap, it could be done…

I talked about this with my friends- and all guys were like yeah that would be awesome while the girls were just like “Why?”

A couple weeks ago we visited some other Americans in another city, and we were talking about the differences between guys and girls, and so i asked the guy “Wouldn’t you say it would be a dream to have urinal in your house?”

His head bobbed up and down as a big grin formed on his face  and said “Not only would it be a dream –we’re living the dream!” “You have a urinal in your place?” “Yup!”

Apparently each of the 3 guys at different times told the folks from our city about their urinal – yes, they were proud. So would i. Wouldn’t you?

After hearing all this, Sarah decided she would buy her husband a urinal after they move into their home – and she wants me to let all my single friends know…

Urinals are awesome, you pee on the wall. How cool would it be to have one in your home?

So far this year i got a new washer, a dryer to dry my clothes, a mac computer – still not here though, and a puppy…and i’m moving again to a new place this weekend.. would a urinal top them all?


3 thoughts on “the one with a urinal

  1. I watched a movie yesterday… “Leela.” It reminded me of you. Seriously…. They basically follow you around and captured your life, sans-China. If they make a sequel though! China’s in the bag. Oh and you didn’t have any brothers and sisters.

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