Xanga, how i miss you

i wish people still xanga’d… stupid facebook.

We use to have fun – the xanga community… what happened to us all, it’s like we need a xanga reunion tour…

i’m on blogspot sometimes… wish i blogged more. i do like coming back and looking at my old stuff sometime… i said some witty, insightful things… i don’t think i have much to say anymore…

my new blogs



(still exists)


maybe i’ll post on xanga again too. lilmookie was a pretty good name anyway.


One thought on “Xanga, how i miss you

  1. I xanga. You should xanga too. It is all Shunta’s fault. i was against blogging and since she created this xanga for me now i can’t stop. But i also have a loyalty syndrome so I don’t like the idea of switching to somewhere else.. so come back too! 🙂 And you can upload them into facebook so although I get less xanga comments.. people tell me on facebook or in person they are reading and then i am okay with that. 🙂 changing the world one silly blog at a time.. 😛

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