The one where i start blogging again

i feel like i need to start blogging again.

The thing is, i’m not even sure what to blog about… which is why i want to start writing again.

Back in the day, i used to “xanga” all the time. There was a community of us. It was fun. It was thought-provoking. It was helpful for me personally, and helpful to build relationships.

These days… i don’t feel like i even know what to talk about with people… and i don’t even know where to start when i journal. There has to be something to write about… and maybe writing a blog will get my mind focused or… get my mind thinking or… give me a topic to talk about with others… something.

And maybe others will start blogging again too…


Anyone got a topic?


2 thoughts on “The one where i start blogging again

  1. THought the “xanga” notice was spam – but so glad I opened to find your post!  Hum – what to write about.  Drew Hall still blogs sometimes – and I’m always glad to read what he writes.  (I’m kinda biased since he married my daughter) It’s usually about how God is using life, and marriage and parenthood to change him – or a geeky science experiment – or about running.  So, maybe start with the stuff about your everyday life.   

  2. Mookie,For starters, did you know that your blog hooked up with my Xanga blog back in college, through which Susan met me … and i eventually met and married her daughter?  Crazy!Second, I feel the same way.  I used to blog all the time (, but nowadays I have pretty much nothing to write about.  Ever.  Even when I start a post I rarely finish it because I think it’s not really worth being said … or I just lose the time and motivation to wrote a solid post.

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