The thing about a blogging community

What is Xanga? You may have never heard of it, but i certainly miss it.
Xanga recently shut down, and this blog was created to save all those old xanga posts.
There are a lot of fun memories in here!

i have long wanted to resurrect my writing aspirations and perhaps this reboot will spur it on… but i have tried several times before, but it lasts 2-3 posts before i stop… and every post just seems to be about me wanting to start blogging again.
How can i make this a reality?

Blogging was such a healthy outlet for me. It was fun, it was refeshing, it was refining. I got some thoughts out there- which could edify and build up the body, as well as myself.
And though my staff team made fun of me, it was a great way of creating community and building relationships. It really did give staff something to talk about when they saw each other at conferences. It gave talking points with friends you just didn’t get to see that often.

We had a great blogging community… and then slowly everyone started getting married, having kids, leaving the country, leaving staff, or just facebook took over.

i miss xanga. i miss the laughter. i miss the debates. i miss the thought-provoking thoughts. i miss the rants, the rambles, the refining. i miss the community


And i think that – community-  is what is needed to get me to really write again. i need others to join with me. If we had 10 of us blogging again, maybe just 5-6… maybe we could get it going again.
If there were others blogging too, maybe i would keep going.
Will anyone join me?

The old Xanga community provided motivation to write. i need a group to motivate me to start up again.

Community is vital in growth, in change, in steps forward. We need others to fight with us, to come along side us, to give accountability, to encourage, to affirm, for feedback.
Not only in matters of blogging, but in the areas we want to grow. We have inspiration, motive, time, ability- but we need others in it with us.
If there is an area you want to grow or change, inviting others to join you and be part of it with you will be vital.

And so i ask, who wants to do this with me?


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