The thing about getting started

i’m terrible at starting things (Actually i’m pretty bad at finishing things too). But i’m really bad at getting things started.

i usually wait until i feel something, some source of inspiration, some overwhelming feeling to get going- which is usually panic because i have put something off for too long. i just wait and wait.

i see this as i start to blog again (Yes, i am blogging about blogging again).
See i’ve had in my mind the desire to start writing again, and even some ideas. Maybe too many. I didn’t know where to start or how to start or when to start. i didn’t want to start with a boring post or a pointless post. And then there were things in the news or on my mind- but i didn’t want to restart with that… i wanted it to be perfect.

There lies another problem. i wait to start something until i have everything figured out, until it can be perfect.

And so i lay paralyzed. i wait for a feeling, i wait for everything to be worked, i wait until perfection can happen… and this i do nothing.

i have noticed in my life, i like to take others’ ideas and help them make it a reality. But i really need people to help me do that with my ideas. i have lots of ideas, lots of thoughts- but i need someone to help me do it.

My wife and i are so opposites. She just does stuff. An idea comes to her mind, she starts working. She doesn’t think thru potential problems or better ways to do things- she just gets started. Now, sometimes that can get her into trouble, but i wish i was more like her.
i know i drive her crazy, and really i drive myself crazy too.
i am sure she is an activator. She is a doer. i am a thinker. i am too careful. And nothing gets done.

If i want something to get done- i’ve got to do something, i’ve got to start!
It’s funny how that works huh?
To get things done, do something.
(Profound deep thoughts here- you may want tweet that out).

We have to start somewhere, and it won’t be where we want to finish. I mean, if you’re already at the finish line, what are you starting? You may not have everything figured out, but you’ll learn on the way.

Starting something requires a first step, and it may be a step of faith. For me, it may always be a step of faith. I am filled with insecurities, filled with fear- and I need to lay those aside and take a step of faith anyway, and see where God takes me.

Fear will paralyze, but Faith will empower.
Sometimes to get started, i just have to start. It may not be perfect (like this post). It may not feel right. i have to take a step, i have to dive in. And see what happens…

What keeps you from starting things? What helps you start on things? How do you start things when you don’t feel like it?


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