My little Man

A week ago Josiah turned 2!

Crazy he is that old, even crazier to think he has only been in my life 2 years! i can’t imagine life without my kids now (though sometimes i try).

i am so thankful for Josiah – he brings so much joy to my life. He wakes up and calls for Daddy – and i love it! There isn’t much that brings me as much joy as when he runs full speed towards me.

He does a number of silly & interesting things – like liking broccoli stems or shutting the laptop because he’d rather us all play. He calls Halle “Ya-ya” for some reason and he thinks his name is “Siah” b/c that is what Halle has called him.

But he is named Josiah – after the King found in II Kings 22.

“Josiah did what was right in the eyes of the LORD & walked in all the way of David… and he did not turn aside to the right or to the left.”

Later it talks of him having a tender heart and that he turned to the lord and treasured God’s Word and made reforms and pursued holiness.

i pray for Josiah every night, and usually it involves me asking God to save him, and make him a man of the word, a man of faith & courage and a man of action with a tender heart – like Josiah the king.

but as i pray i also must pray a prayer of surrender. As much as i delight in Josiah and love him, and enjoy him and could cuddle with him – he is not mine to hold onto – i must surrender him to the Lord.

i have found it much harder to surrender my kids to the Lord than anything else. Being single the rest of my life before i got married was hard- but it was unknown, unexperienced- but my kids? My life – no problem, money? ok. But my kids?

Yet, it is easy too. For i know who i am entrusting. God is good. He is trustworthy. He is kind. He has perfect plans. i may not always understand- but i know He is good. And it is no use fighting against Him.

Submitting my son, gives me greater understanding of God giving us His own Son for us. i mean, i still don’t get it. But it gives me a glimpse into the sacrifice, the love, the authority & sovereignty of God- He had to have known His plan would work!

i thank God for my Josiah. And i thank God for His Son Jesus – and the life & joy & love He has given me!



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