The one after 5 years of marriage

Last weekend, Soo & I celebrated 5 years of marriage. We got away for the weekend which was so much fun and so needed!
I am thankful for my parents watching the kids, and the kids being able to go a weekend without us. Also so thankful for God’s provision for us- and most certainly thankful for my wife!
Can’t believe it has been 5 years. Sometimes it feels like we have only been together a few months, other times it feels like we have always been together…
We’ve had our ups & downs. Some times have been really tough. Life is completely different married with children…. But I can’t imagine life any other way!
God has used our marriage to reveal a lot of sin in my life.
I am sorry to all those who I hurt or offended- I had no idea! Man, I was a jerk!
Marriage has revealed how self-centered I am and how selfish I can be. I really don’t want to serve or sacrifice. But I do! I love my wife & kids and want to bless them, but within me there is yuckiness… and I need God to save me and sanctify me.
Unfortunate for my wife she married a wicked sinful man. But fortunately the Holy spirit is living in me and refining me. And I need Him! And He is faithful.
I am learning about love and sacrifice and service and humility. I am learning to depend on God. I am learning to trust Him and learning to treasure Hi.
In many years past I always looked to marriage and kids… I didn’t want it to be my hope and knew it would not satisfy – we even put it in our vows! But it was still something that I placed hope in. My wife & kids are great, but they are not God.
Someone once asked me what Soo & I fight about. I thought for a few seconds and just responded “Stupid stuff. It’s always just stupid stuff” The things we fight about aren’t really what we’re fighting about… but there are expectations and unmet desires, ruined plans, hurt feelings… we need to walk with Christ, focus on God, love & serve one another and communicate.
Looking back, I have not appreciated my wife as well as I could have…
She has loved me well, and followed me. She continue to believe in me and wants to see me succeed. She serves our family and blesses our kids. She has taken so many steps of faith, initiated with others, gone out of her comfort zones, reached out & served & blessed others in ministry, given sacrificially, and exhibited much grace towards others.
I enjoy being with her and seeing her smile and watching her grow.
I am thankful for all she does for us. And for how she challenges me by her generosity and faith.
I thank God for her.
And most of all, I love her. There is no one else with I would rather be!
My parents will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, hopefully we too will add that 0… for now I look forward to the next 5 years and pray I will be a better husband and a better man.
Marriage will not always be easy. It will take commitment and sacrifice and God. But it will produce joy and faith and growth. Gary Thomas has asked “What if marriage isn’t designed for our happiness, but for our holiness?” I want ease & enjoyment, but mostly I want growth and God’s glory.
Marriage & family – a wonderful blessing in so many ways!
Pray for us! And we will pray for you.


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