My ordinary life of faith

As the new year begins, there are a lot of big things i want to do (such as adoption that i mentioned yesterday).

i am always thinking of the big steps of faith to take… maybe it’s going to East Asia, or maybe it’s a long fast. i often dream about writing a book, i think about doing great things for God.

However, God is teaching me it’s not just about the big things, but the small ordinary things that i can honor God.
It came up again several times at our winter conference (IndyCC).
I dream so much about doing big things for God, i don’t do the small things. The Word even tells us to be faithful in few.

i may want to write a book, but what about being faithful to write a short blog, or being faithful to read a book, His book?
I ask God to use me to impact the world, but what impacting my family?
I want to serve the Lord, but do i serve me wife?

The biggest step of faith for me may not be adoption or a mission trip or doing something very difficult – it may be to do something i really enjoy – like playing basketball, like playing with my kids.

Yes, one of the big steps of faith i want to take this year is to play basketball!
i feel like every few years the lord has to remind me of this.
i can play basketball, i can do things i enjoy.

Why is this a step of faith?
It requires me to trust God, that my identity isn’t in what i do or what i accomplish or how hard i work. i can rest in Christ, in the Gospel to take time off.
It requires me to trust God, that God loves me and created for to enjoy these things, regardless of what others may think, or how i feel.
i don’t need to live in guilt, but in freedom

Related, the step of faith God is calling me to take is to take care of my body- to steward this physical body God has given me as the temple of God. We are spiritual beings, given physical bodies with which we should honor God.
I usually have neglected it. i have been afraid to find my worth in how i appear. Or tempted to think my physical body has no worth at all- but that is Buddhist thought.

Reading “Every body matters” by Gary Thomas really helped me understand this. By stewarding my body, my physical health- i honor God and grow my soul as well!

And of course, i want to honor God in the everyday things of

  1. Being disciplined in getting daily time in the Word
  2. Loving & serving my wife
  3. playing with and caring for my kids

Yes, i want to trust God in big things, i want to trust Him in the small things too.
i want to do all for His glory & honor.
And i want to do all in His strength and power, relying on His Spirit.

Another book on my reading list is “An Ordinary Pastor” by DA Carson. i want to be faithful in the big things. Will i be faithful in the ordinary? Will you?
God, be glorified!


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