My best of 2015 lists

i love lists… God, Soo, Halle & Josiah, chocolate, sports, lists

And there’s not much better than a best of list!

This is my list of what i read and what i saw this year. You can read the best of best of list if you want to know what other experts think.

Top Ten books i read in 2015

10. life is a vapor (John Piper)
9. Taking God at His Word (DeYoung)
8. Generous Justice (Keller)
7. Unquenchable Worshipper (Matt Redman)
6. Every body matters (Gary Thomas)
5. boundaries with kids (Cloud)
4. Blind-sided by God (Peter Chin)
3. Praying life (Paul Miller)
2. faith is not a feeling (Ney Bailey)
1. Seeking Allah, finding Jesus (Nabel Quereshi)

i didn’t really read many books in 2015, especially considering i read 4 of those in one month in EA, and 2 others during the flights when i went back in December… in all i think i finished 15-16 books, but 8 were really good.

We did finally finish “starting your marriage out right,” it just took us 6 years to finish! didn’t include it in this list, though it was good.

The top 4 all would fit into all-time favorites, but picking the best out of the top 2 was incredibly difficult

I almost chose faith is not a feeling, because God used it so much in my life. I had been looking for the book for a couple years, and finally found it for 75c at the used bookstore right before leaving  for EA. I read it, Soo read it, and then what 3-4 more people read it over the summer.

It’s a pretty simple book, but perhaps that is what made it sooooo good. Real life stories, just faith. Moving beyond feeling, choosing faith, choosing to trust God.
AND it’s short, short chapters, quick read, easy. i loved the book, and recommend everyone read it.

In the end, i had to go with Seeking Allah, finding Jesus because it was such a compelling read. i really couldn’t put it down. Every time i would read part of it, i would exclaim to  Soo “This book is so fascinating!”
i read it in less than a week, lent it to another guy who read it 4 days, and another guy- a non-reader, who read it in 2!
The book reads like a story, but gives so much info.
It is a great training tool to understand the mind of a Muslim, get a better grip on Islam, instruct on how to love well, as well as how to share the Gospel.
And in the end, tell a powerful story of God’s love, grace and power.

Faith is not a feeling may have been more life-changing, more helpful. Seeking Allah finding Jesus is more memorable and more unique.

The next few books were good too. Blind-sided by God was also captivating, and hit on the theme of faith in the midst of trials. i loved the book. It hit all the feels, was challenging and encouraging at the same time.

boundaries with kids was convicting- b/c though it was talking about kids, i felt like it was talking about me!

Every body matters tackled a topic that you rarely if ever hear about at church, and Generous justice gave compelling arguments for how we interact with the poor and how we live.

i could say so much more about any of those top 8 books

I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Top Ten movies i saw in 2015

i wound up watching a lot of movies in 2015, which shocked me, but then i realized i watched about 11 on planes this year… The movies i saw were mostly disappointments. Some had their moments. But i rather enjoyed trailers, but didn’t care for movies. Actually none of the trailers made me think they would be that good either… in any rate…

10.  Star Wars episode VII
9. Chef
8. Avengers 2, Ant-man, Thor 2
7. Wreck it Ralph
6. Inside-out
5. Insurgent
4. Theory of everything
3. Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol
2. Perks of being a wallflower
1. Birdman

The only movie i really liked was Birdman. It was well done. But not one i really want to see again. The wallflower one was pretty good, though Soo didn’t like it. Inside-out had it’s moments, but it wasn’t everything everyone was saying it was.
i did like the Marvel movies. Thor 2 was actually a good story… but man, the original Iron man was great, and the stories just get kinda more ridiculous… Chef wasn’t that great, but it was like the only feel-good movie i saw during the year… and star wars? Well, it felt like just watching episode IV all over again, and more like the long-awaited sequel to space balls… but i am hopeful the story improves once we get the rest of the story…

Top 10 Tv shows
Didn’t watch much, but there was one show that was amazing!
10. Jimmy Kimmel
9. Brooklyn 99
8. master chef
7. How I met your mother
6. Wild Krats
5. friends
4. seinfeld
3. Jimmy Fallon
2. fresh off the boat
1. black~ish
If you’re not watching blackish, you need to, it is amazing… maybe i just relate to the main guy so much, or maybe i like how it tackles real issues, but mostly i like it because i think it is hilarious.
Wild krats is the best kids show out there… Jimmy Fallon & Jimmy Kimmel i just watch on youtube

Top 15 songs of 2015
15. First ~ Lauren Daigle
14. sinking deep (just from the last week)
13. Uptown funk (a much as i don’t want to like this song)
12. Dynamite
11. Everything is Awesome (still awesome)
10. fight song ~ Rachel Platten
9. Good Good Father ~ Chris Tomlin
8. Same power ~ Jeremy Camp
7. Thrive ~ Casting Crowns
6. T Swift songs  (style, blank space, shake it off)
5. bat blood ( T swift parody video) that my kids love (and me too).
4. Great are you Lord ~ all sons & daughters
3. Love ran red ~ Chris Tomlin
2. Holy Spirit ~ Francesca Batastelli/ Kari jobe
1. How can it Be? ~ Lauren Daigle

i tried to find some old lists, but i guess i haven’t blogged in a long time!
2010 2009 top songs 2009


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