My weekly Review Week 1 2016

Reflection on 2016 week 1

10 things i am thankful for

  1. my beautiful wife and her 35 years of life
  2. gift of time – no appointments, nothing pressing, no meetings – time to write, read a bit, be with my family a lot
  3. good Christian books… though i didn’t love them
  4. Your Word- which was much more powerful in itself
  5. Gift of singing! i have loved having a song in my head and on my lips every day, in response to what i was reading or whatever… singing a lot of praise!
  6. warmth – hot showers, blankets, fireplace, and nice weather
  7. my kids- even if they drove me crazy a lot. They also warmed my heart a ton
  8. The Holowells- for watching our kids, but also for their friendship!
  9. free food and drinks (chik-fil-A, coffee)
  10. beautiful snow- even if it makes driving crazy


  1. Halle sitting in my lap, watching football
  2. no conflict with Soo
  3. writing a lot
  4. beginning the new year with worship, and singing a lot
  5. playing with kids
  6. doing pretty well with most of my goals
    1. not snacking after 8 (though i made a sandwich last night)
    2. praying with Soo
    3. reading daily devos (not each every day, but pretty close)
    4. devos, praying with kids
    5. reading a good amount
    6. getting some time with the Lord for the most part
    7. writing
  7. reading
  8. lots of time w Soo
  9. watching Master of None
  10. celebrating Soo, ice-skating
  11. watching a few minutes of football

Themes of the week

  1. reading & praying with the family
  2. singing praise
  3. enjoying freedom
  4. celebrating Soo – or trying to
  5. writing
  6. beginnings of working on mpd
  7. Victory over the grave, over death, over sin

songs of the week

  1. Sinking Deep
  2. Good good Father
  3. Forever
  4. I will follow
  5. Christ is enough
  6. This is amazing Grace
  7. Great are You lord
  8. Holy Spirit
  9. I surrender all
  10. love ran red
  11. Everlasting God
  12. Same power


What did God teach me, speak to me about Himself, myself

  1. death, grave, sin – they cannot overcome me
  2. The Lord is a refuge and shield around me
  3. His divine power has given me everything
  4. i am defensive and rationalize sin
  5. i seek, pursue fame



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