the one with tv shows

MLK weekend, time to remember Martin Luther King… and time to watch some netflix – right?

If you’re looking for something to watch, how about a show without white people as the stars? (That’s all we watch anymore it seems).

When i heard Aziz Ansari had a tv show, i figured i had to watch- i mean, he’s an Indian. Even my doppelganger…
Then again, I thought “It’ll probably be bad.”
As much as i wanted to like Aziz’s characters, i never could. They were not likable. Futhermore, most of his stuff tends to be pretty raunchy.
Besides this, i had no time and no netflix (which made it pretty easy)

But then i started seeing the acolades: best show of 2015, creative, etc, etc… and got access to netflix… so we checked it out: Master of None

The opening sequence involving a sex scene and the morning after pill – did little to make me want to watch… and the show may not be for all of you.
Sex is certainly a topic, and episode 8 may have to be skipped. Yet, the show delivers a lot of entrigue and creativity.

The story arc is certainly impressive. And the characters are weird- which makes it appealing. They are not normal. They are a bunch of rag-tag misfits, representing a different type of people you usually see on tv or perhaps even run into in life. With a token white person.

The show is not afraid to tackle topics. And it certainly is documentary of how people seem to live now- which is oddly.
I found myself asking: Do people really text this often? And Do they communicate such important things via text? Do they make such bad decisions? Do they care so little about others? Do they have so little sense of direction?

It is also coming of age of sorts, but in a different sort of way. It deals with all the messiness.

Mostly i like how it shows off the often marginalized today- namely older people, immigrants and especially Indians.

Of course this is why i like the show the most, so maybe others won’t care for it as much – because even as the show alludes to- people don’t really care about Indians.

Episode 4 – Indians on tv – WOW. It hit me in the feels. Ok, well, I didn’t get emotional, but i related so much to it. It is how it feels to be Indian.

Aziz actually communicated it best in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (but may have just been part of his stand-up routine, but still so true).

Whenever Aziz’s parents- which are indeed his actual parents playing his parents- show up- I DIE! i don’t think they are acting at all, and they are just like my parents.
“Papadum – it’s the Indian chip”
You, white folk may not laugh- but Soo & i were cracking up.

Overall, his character seemed like me a lot. Indecisive. Insecure. Indian. and loves yelp… and food and is always late. And i think we look alike(then Soo out of the blue said “He’s weird looking.”)

Who knows if people will watch it- there aren’t many white people in it


The other show i love is black~ish

After re-watching the N-word episode, really again have to make a plea for people to watch the show.
Dre- the main character is probably more like me.

He just turned 40 (As i will be this year) and his lifestyle habits are just like mine.

I watch it because it cracks me up more than any show in recent years, but it also is unafraid to tackle big topics. Everyone should watch it.


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