The Harvest field

Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest ‘? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.

When we think about the state of the world, we may see all the sin, all the terribleness, all the falleness. It seems like the world is becoming more and more distant from God, growing colder and colder toward God. And society is becoming more and more godless.

Watching the news, hearing about kids and their destructive sinful behaviors and patterns – it is easy to become discouraged and become hopeless.
Yet, I believe there is a harvest out there.

Jesus said “Look!”
“Lift up your eyes and look
the fields are ripe for harvest.”

Another place He says “The Harvest is Plentiful.

There is fruit. There are people out there ready to receive the Gospel, ready to follow Jesus. ready to give their lives to God.

Here are a couple stories:

A girl made the decision to invite Christ into her life recently… she shared…how she’s believed in God her whole life, despite teachers and society telling her that God isn’t real.

She said that before believing in Jesus, it was like the lights in a room were on, giving small spaces of light in the darkness of life. These were the God’s laws of the universe – like gravity, chaos, or creation. They showed her small parts of the picture. But after being introduced to Jesus, the living Word of God, it was like the sun began to shine in her life and she could see everything clearly.

…she wrote accepting Jesus into her life was the best thing that happened to her this year.

What an amazing story. This semester in East Asia, the two teams have seen close to 50 people make decisions for Christ!

Another girl is an international student here at Ball State.
While in Asia she became curious about God. She had heard of the bible but never read it.
After arriving here, she came to a few of our events and asked one of our staff

“Can you explain Christianity to me?”

After a three hour conversation, she gave her life to Christ. She has continued to grow in faith, learning to forgive others and falling in love with God’s Word. She attened the winter conference and is excited to reach out to others on campus.


This work is not a shot in the dark.
It is not about us being masters of ministry.
It is not a work that results from a lot of hard work.

God produces the harvest. He is at work in people’s lives.

The only thing missing are the laborers. He is working in people’s hearts, revealing Himself, drawin them to Himself.
And He uses us to go and share the message of Jesus, and people are responding.

The problem is not that people are too sinful to follow Jesus.
The work of God is greater than their sin!

The problem is we believe the sinfulness of man is too wicked for God to work!
So we either don’t do anything or we rely on ourselves and do too much.

But the good news is Jesus has already come. He has seen and continues to see the needs of the lost- those who are like sheep without a shepherd. And He did an amazing work, so they can be saved, so they can be in a relationship with God and transformed.

He has already done the work.
And the Holy Spirit is at work in people, convicting of sin and revealing Christ.
And He tells us the Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

So how do we respond?

  1. We believe God’s Word is true and we act that way. Believing there are people out there ready to receive the Gospel
  2. We pray for more laborers
  3. We develop laborers & send laborers
  4. We act as a laborer

Notice Jesus’ command was not go do something about it – but to pray.
And what does He tell them to pray?
Not for the people to change but for people to go.

Who needs to change?
The Christian, the one who follows Jesus needs to change- to go into the harvest, to be part of God’s work in the world.

We may look at the lost and focus on the need.
Jesus looks at the lost and focuses on the harvest.

Since God is at work in people’s hearts, and since Christ has already done the work for salvation. We can go out in confidence to share the Gospel, and we can pray boldly for more laborers for the harvest field. We need to repent of our unbelief and trust in the power of the Gospel and pray and take steps of faith.

Next week, Universities across the US will begin having Spring breaks – and thousands of students will go to PCB to party (get drunk).
But there to meet them will be hundred of christian students sharing the Gospel. And every year hundreds of students surrender their lives to Christ. They will understand that the devil comes to steal and destroy- that the things of this world do not satisfy and leave them even more empty- and that Christ came to give them life and life abundantly.

Others will go to East Asia and other parts of the world, choosing to use their spring break to take the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world.

Please join in praying for students to go be laborers in the harvest field, and pray for them as they go, that many will hear the Gospel, and many will turn from their idols to the living and true God!


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