The one with a trip to India

This summer we were blessed with  tremendous opportunity to go to India.
For me it was a trip to my homeland, though it is not really a place i feel is home, it is my heritage.

Thus, I wanted Soo to know the place and hopefully get a better understanding of me and my family. I wanted the kids to gain a better understanding of themselves, be surrounded by people who look like them and get to know some of their family – since our family here in the states is relatively small.
Plus, India was a place Soo wanted to go to- and i wanted to take her, even if it wouldn’t be a vacation.

More so, i hoped we would bless the family we would see there and bless my parents. (Though often my thought is just about myself, I wanted to be intentional to think of blessing others)

The kids may not be able to enjoy all of it now, however i wanted to go with my parents so they could help take us around.

In the end we were incredibly blessed. We ate a lot of curry and met lots of people – that is we ate a lot of good food and met a lot of good people.

The trip wasn’t easy. It took us a long time to get there and involved a few scares along the way. We left on Weds morning at 8am and arrived in India at 3pm on Thursday afternoon. The flight home was even longer. We had one 4 hour flight, followed by a 16 hour flight – 16 hours! Our kids have spent more time on a plane this year than some people will their entire lives!
Complicating things was that they served peanuts on the plane and Josiah began to react to the smell… a lot of the food in country included cashews so we had to be careful. And we traveled a lot.

All things considered the kids did very well. They were up in the middle of the night keeping me awake a few times, but they liked the food most of the time and met lots of people.
They didn’t really appreciate the Taj Mahal, but they loved the monkeys and all the animals all over the place… however Halle was upset she didn’t get to touch a monkey or ride an elephant, thought she got close to each…

Mostly however, they enjoyed being with their uncle and spending time with their (2nd) cousins (who live in the states as well).
These were 2 of my biggest desires for the trip, so i am very thankful.
We come from a large family- my dad is the 10th of 11 kids. Yet, there is not much family here. My kids have no 1st cousins. And a lot of family live far away. So, very grateful to be with family.

We did ok too. Suprisingly, it is actually hotter in Indiana than in India!
Soo & the kids got sick the last 3 days, so we missed out a little bit- but the kids may have enjoyed that more- as they got a break and got to watch nick jr…

We had some difficulties, but God was faithful.
He answered a bunch of prayers… it wasn’t too hot, the rain never ruined plans, the food never made us sick, we didn’t get bit by too many bugs, there weren’t any big incidents, we got a nice day when we went to the Taj Mahal…

And we were blessed to
1. see the Taj Mahal
2. take a ride on a house boat on the backwaters
3. eat a lot of delicious food
4. see a beautiful country (this means we have been in the largest 3 countries in the world in the last 13 months).
5. see elephants, monkeys, lizzards in the wild
6. see a lot of family
+ my dad paid for everything, and so many family members came out of their way to see us and and serve us.
– and the difficulties, anxieties etc- served to push us more toward God and become more like Christ…

Sometimes life seems hard, but God is good.


Here are some photos:



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