My best books of 2017

These are the best books I read (or finished) in 2017.  Didn’t read a ton this year, but most of the books I read were really good. And the authors were pretty diverse.

13. You are what you love by James K.A. Smith 7.5/10
I liked the main idea of the book- what you love is more important than what you know. It was pretty simple, but had a huge impact on my thoughts- see i think a lot- but i need focus on loving God and helping others love God, more than just know truths about Him. (the book was a little long and heady however)

12. Leadership As Identity by Crawford Lorrits 7.5/10
A very simple book. But much needed. Humility. Practice it. Something I want to go thru with up and coming spiritual leaders for sure

11. Now, you’re speaking my language by Gary Chapman 8/10
A pattern you may recognize- nothing profound, still very helpful.

10. The Man Christ Jesus by Bruce Ware 8.1/10
Amazingly profound. The first few chapters were amazing, things I hadn’t thought much about before. But some chapters seemed superflous. Gives a lot of thoughts about Jesus as a human and the implications for us. Highly recommended


9. The Gospel for Muslims by Thibati 8.3/10
I really liked this book. It is a pretty easy read and short. The main idea- the Gospel for Muslims is the same Gospel we need. We complicate it. They need the Gospel.

8. The Next Evangelicalism by Soong Cha Ra 8/10
I probably enjoyed the above books more, but this one was more influential. Read it with out team and it was a bit controversial. He does attack white people a lot in this book, probably more than deserved, but certainly something to consider. Since we are not white, Soo & I didn’t take offense, we just saw sin and areas we could grow. Certainly became an influence- and you will notice a lot of diversity of authors i read this last year

7. The Calling by Brother Andrew 8.4/10
My dad gave me this book 20 years ago, and i finally read it. Enjoyable. A lot taken from the mission field and applied to every day life. The biggest take away: Our primary Calling is not to a place, but to follow Jesus. Lot of good stuff

6. Counter Culture by David Platt 8.5/10
Hits big topics and addresses it with the Gospel. It is hard for me to not like David Platt

5. Multiply by Francis Chan 8.5/10
Good, foundational, fundamental. Really ingrains the idea of being a disciple. Started goign through it with my disciples. A lot of free resources available to go along with it- including the whole being available on an app!

4. More or less by Jeff Shinbarger 8.7/10
I read this at the beginning of the year, so it is not as fresh, but it hugely influential in deciding to pull the trigger on moving and challenging me to be more generous. (only $2.99 on kindle)

The top 3 books were in a league of their own

3. Divided by Faith by Michael Emerson 9.5/10
 A must-read. Eye-opening, challenging.


2. Dream with me by John Perkins 9.7/10
Shares a lot of the struggles for blacks in America. Balanced in speaking toward Black, Whites, Asians. A lot of real life stories. A lot of faith, and a lot of vulnerability.

Book is written with hope and authenticity and challenge. Reads like an autobiography.





1. Parenting by Paul Tripp 9.9/10
Even if you’re not a parent, you could enjoy this book. It’s all about the Gospel, how our kids need it, and how we as parents need it. It’s about trusting Jesus. It is authentic, it is visionary, it is encouraging, it is challenging, it is practical, it’s enjoyable, it is God-honoring. It was the best book we read this year!



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