the one with nfl draft 2018 predictions

The Nfl draft is starting in a few minutes, and for some reason i hve been obsessed with it… i guess i enjoy the process…

Here are my predictions… not what i would do, though not entirely what they will do, because i think real life GM’s are idiots… i don’t know why they don’t adopt more of college football, or be more creative…

If it was me, i would pick Josh Rosen. Saquon BArkley is amazing, and if i was the Browns i’d likely take him first, and see which QB i get at 4… or draft 2 QB’s… though maybe one would be Lamar Jackson, who  i also think could be amazing – if he gets the chance…

anywho… here are my predictions


  1. Clev Sam Darnold
    they can’t be stupid enough to take Allen, not smart enough to take Rosen. Darnold is the safe play
  2. NYG Saquon Barkley
    Perhaps they want a QB of the future, but they think they can still win now. Saquon is the best player in the draft, and he makes Eli better. Sure, good RB’s can be found later, but so can anyone else. This guy is unreal. That being said they could take Chubb, since DE is weak and RB are plenty in this particular draft, but Saquon is just too good to pass up and a local kid
  3. NYJ Josh Rosen
    starts by the end of the season, 1st QB in class to make pro bowl, worth the investment. 
  4. Clev Bradley Chubb
    Not as exciting as getting Saquon, but Browns fan should still be happy
  5. Den Josh Allen
    Looks like a guy Elways would be fascinated by – big arm, some athleticism, under some tutilege he may be ok
  6. Buf (proj trade) Baker Mayfield
    I think McDermont likes his grit, winds up starting by end of the season
  7. TB Derwin James
    I gotta think Saquon is their dream, but Derwin is 1b – biggest need, local guy, freak athlete
  8. Chi Quenton Nelson
    Interior lineman generally don’t get taken this high, but solid pick, lot of connection- dream pick
  9. Balt (proj trade)  Lamar Jackson
    Balt has a lot of needs, so they could trade down, but i think they’ll grab a QB this draft. It has been said that defensive minded QB’s go for the athletic QB’s like Jackson  – plus brother HArbaugh could help
  10. Oak Roquan Smith
    MLB big need, great player, smart pick
  11. Mia Minkah Fitzpatrick
    I really want Miami to go for Lamar Jackson, but Minkah is too perfct for them, rumored to be a top 4 pick, hard to pass up
  12. In (proj trade) Vita Vea
    Bit of a surprise pick, but the best D’s these days have a dominant DT. Vita Vea is a freak
  13. Was Calvin Ridley
    He could be top ten or 2nd rd. but Bama WR’s really haven’t disappointed
  14. GB Denzel Ward
    Just like Marshon Lattimore last year, potential top 4 pick, that falls, and winds up in perfect place… i could see GB trading up to get him, he seems natural here
  15. Az Mason Rudolph
    BRadford & Glennon are not long term solutions, Rudolph  is identical, have slotted Lamar Jackson, which would be smarter, but i’ll pick a surprise
  16. SF (proj trade) Tremaine Edmunds
    They need someone to replace Reuben Foster  – i hae them taking Edmunds at 9, may be a surprise if he is here at 16
  17. NE (proj trade) Mike McGlichey
    After losing Nate Solder, i think they may actually trade up to make sure they get the guy they want
  18. Sea Marcus Davenport
    Just lost Bennet, Pete Carrol likes players like this
  19. Dal Courtland Sutton
    Dez is gone, give Dak a target, may be a reach
  20. Det Josh Jackson
    Huge need at CB, midwest guy
  21. Cin Will Hernandez
    They never recovered after losing two top lineman last year, they address it this year
  22. Ind Harold Landry
    They miss out on Chubb but they get 2nd best pash rush here
  23. Atl (proj trade) Da’Ron Payne
    Pats always trade down, and this seems like a perfect fit for ATL, a steal this low
  24. Car Mike Hughes
    Good tough CB,
  25. TB (prj trade) Derrius Guice
    After dropping D Martin, RB is priority, may need to trade up higher to get him
  26. NE Leighton VanDer Veigh
    Seems like a Patriot guy
  27. Clev (proj trade) Jaire Alexander
    CB may be biggest need for a team w/ many needs, this feels like a player they’d target
  28. Pit Rashaan Evans
    Steelers type player, though Ronnie Harrison could be here too
  29. Jac Christian Kirk
    They need a fast WR to spread the D and open up the O
  30. Min Billy Price
    Interior lineman have gone quickly,  may be this won’t be the way this turns out
  31. Sd (prj trade) Ronnie HArrison
    They have needed a safety for a while, they may take him in teens
  32. Phi Connor Williams
    A steal for them, long-term play 
  33. Clev Kolton Miller
    Replacement for Joe Thomas? Hardly, but will help
  34. NYG Isaiah Wynn
    they may prefer a DE, but 1st rd talent
  35. NO (prj trade) Hayden Hurst
    Land another weapon for their offense
  36. Ind Donte Jackson
    Gaping hole at CB, fastest one available
  37. Ind Duke Ejifor
    Continue to build their D
  38. Tn (prj trade) Sam Hubbard
    OSU grad like Vrabel
  39. Chi Justin Reid
    They have a couple corners locked up, but still need help in the secondary
  40. Den Sony Michelle
    Released CJ Anderson, RB a huge need
  41. Oak Taven Bryan
    Big physical lineman
  42. Mia Maurice Hurst
    Some health concerns, but that doesn’t stop Dolphins, coulda been a 1st rd pick
  43. Buf (prj trade) DJ Moore
    Need some receivers for their new QB’s
  44. Was Isaiah Oliver
    Nickel CB to replace
  45. GB Rasheem Green
  46. Cin Lorenzo Carter
  47. Az James Washington
  48. SD Malik Jefferson
  49. NE (prj trade) Kyle Luletta
    Doesn’t it just seem destined
  50. Dal Dallas Goedert
    Dallas to Dallas, Jason Witten won’t last forever
  51. Det Harison Phillips
    Their D needs so much help,
  52. BAlt Orlando BRown
    Match made in heaven
  53. Ind (prj trade) Ronald Jones
    Get their RB
  54. KC Dorrance Armstong
    Have to replace those LBs, Kansas guy
  55. Car Bates
    Continue to improve their secondary
  56. Buf Arden Key
    Big talent, with so many picks can afford to go for it
  57. TN Baker
    Bit of a stretch, but fits
  58. NE (prj trade) Nick Chubb
    Type of solid RB these guys take to build winners
  59. SF DJ Chark
    big speedy guy
  60. Pit Terrell Edmunds
    Good hard-hitting Safety
  61. JAc MArk andrews
    Offensive weapon
  62. Min Sweat
    this guy is mocked as a 1st rd pick or 4th rd pick
  63. Atl (prj trade) Carlton Davis
  64. Clev Anthony Averett
    Another speedy corner 
  65. NE (prj trd) Mike Giseki
    The type of TE Pats like
  66. NYG D’Shawn Hand
  67. Buf (prj trade) O’Neil
  68. Hou James Daniel
    Could be a 1st rd pick
  69. NYG Settle
  70. SF Kerryon Johnson
    Feels like a good match, may take earlier
  71. Denv T Crosby
  72. NYJ Deon Cain
  73. Mia rashaad penny
    The rb steal a number of teams may be targetting here
  74. SF Corbett
  75. Oak Pettis
  76. GB Braden Smith
  77. Cin Rankin
  78. KC Tyquan Lewis
  79. Az Okrowono
  80. Hou Jamarco Jones
  81. Dal Nick Nelson
  82. Det Josey Jewell
    LB help
  83. Balt St Brown
  84. SD White
    QB for future
  85. Car Anthony Miller
    Still need receivers
  86. KC Ragnow
  87. LA Duke Dawson
  1. Car Tony Brown

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