Devos thru the Desert


Deuteronomy is my favorite book of the Bible. I find it to be rich in speaking of the character of God. It shows His greatness, His faithfulness, His power, His love. Sure, every book of the Bible speaks of God and reveals these things, but this book just seems so much more powerful to me.

Perhaps it is the surprising nature to see all these things in an Old Testament book of the Law- but I find Deuteronomy filled with grace, with hope, with love, with joy.

It is the book Jesus quoted, it is something I need to come back to over and over again.

The first time I really read it I found myself in a dry place, in a dessert – and perhaps that is why it resonated so much to me, and why it still does. It is about people in a dessert, in a wilderness, wandering and wondering. I find myself here often. I used to say I was going thru a dessert experience, but now it seems life is the dessert. I am in the wandering stage always. And perhaps I will only get out of the dessert, out of the waiting when I get home to heaven.
Life is difficult, life is a dessert. We need to know God if we are going to make it.

Deuteronmy reveals the faithfulness of God, and calls us to be faithful.

I have read this before and written about it before, but what I am writing now is fresh, is new- it is not a finished work, perhaps some day it will be.
I welcome your input and comments. This will be a work in progress. I invite you in to the process with me.